It’s the end of summer, and after suffering in the heat and sun, many people are planning to build a swimming pool to cool off in the summer months. But to make a success of this project, it’s essential to prepare accordingly. Here are 5 tips to help you build your own shell pool.

1) Call in a professional

For the installation of a shell pool, we strongly advise you to call on the services of a qualified and competent professional. He or she will draw up a quotation, sometimes free of charge, to estimate the price of your shell pool, the cost of which may vary according to certain parameters.

2) Comply with current regulations

There are specific regulations governing the construction of swimming pools. Before building a swimming pool, we recommend that you take the necessary administrative steps. It’s important to know that even for a shell pool of more than 10 m2, a declaration of works is compulsory. For pools with a water surface area of over 100 m2, planning permission is required.

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3) Have your shell pool installed as soon as possible

The closer we get to summer, the greater the demand forpool installation, and the summer period is the peak. It’s not a good time to build a swimming pool, as few professionals are available and waiting times are long. It is therefore advisable to start construction between September and April. Now is a good time to request a quote from Aboral.

4) Choosing the right location for your pool

Finding the best location to build your pool is no easy task. Various criteria are taken into account in this choice. The chosen location must be as flat as possible, otherwise the ground will have to be stabilized. In addition, the location should ideally be sunny, and wind exposure should be taken into account when installing your polyester shell pool. Certain distances must also be maintained between your pool and the property line with your neighbors.

5) Choose a polyester shell pool

Shell pools are the most common type of swimming pool. They’re known for their strength, and by choosing Aboral Piscines you’ll benefit from the ten-year guarantee, their waterproofing, customization and finishes. The polyester shell pool is also the easiest and quickest in-ground pool to build. Then call on Aboral piscine: your trusted pool specialist.

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