For over 30 years, Aboral Piscines has specialized in the manufacture and installation of polyester shell pools. Our team of experts is with you every step of the way, from planning to installation. shell pool. And all over France!

In order to be as close as possible to you, we have an extensive dealer network throughout France. They offer a wide selection of models of Aboral swimming poolsdesigned to meet all your needs. Are you looking for a pool with a contemporary, traditional or innovative design? Our diverse catalog is sure to meet all your expectations.

Discover the experience of Gilles and Mario, who chose Aboral Piscines for their swimming pool project in Loire-Atlantique (44).

Find Aboral Piscines, your pool specialist in Loire-Atlantique

If you’re looking for a quality service provider for your construction project in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, Aboral Piscines will meet your expectations.

Located north of Nantes, at 17 Rue de la Tahinière in Plessé (44),
BHM Piscine
your distributor of AboralWe put all our know-how to work for you. Available Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, the BHM Piscine team can be reached on

Trust, performance and advice are the values that guide the day-to-day work of the BHM Piscine teams. BHM Piscine. These commitments echo those ofAboral Piscines. Whatever your pool project, your BHM Piscine advisor will study it carefully, to provide you with a personalized response tailored to your needs.

Our partner BHM Piscine is your
distributor in Loire-Atlantique
. Whether you’re in Nantes, Saint-Nazaire or the surrounding area, they’ll be there to study your project and bring it to life.

Your Aboral distributor BHM Piscinebased in Nantes, positions itself as a trusted partner for all those with a pool construction project who are looking for comprehensive support and quality products.

At our dealer, you’ll have access to all Aboral pool models, enabling you to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences. In addition to offering our products, BHM Piscine installs, maintains and renovates your Aboral pool.

Aboral Piscines in Nantes: Gilles’ feedback

In March 2022, Gilles, a resident of Grandchamp-des-Fontaines (44) was planning to build a swimming pool for the summer. Seduced by Aboralmodel MAKENA, he contacts Aboral Piscines. After an initial discussion, the Aboral team directed him to the nearest dealer in Loire-Atlantique: BHM Piscine.

Mr Briand, his contact at BHM PiscinesGilles decided to continue the adventure with our dealer in Nantes for a number of reasons. Firstly, the fact that BHM Piscines provides all the services in-house, without using subcontractors, boosted Gilles’ confidence. Second argument: good value for money. As the quote was particularly competitive, Gilles chose to put his trust in the BHM Piscines team to start the work.

The work went off without a hitch on schedule. “
Commissioning went very smoothly, and thanks to the quick installation of the shell pools, we’ll be able to take our first plunge very soon.
“Gilles pointed out. He emphasized the team’s professionalism and friendliness, which greatly contributed to the project’s success.

Feedback from Mario, pool owner in Loire-Atlantique, France

In May 2023, Mario, a resident of Basse-Goulaine (44), in the Loire-Atlantique region of Francefinally decided to go ahead with his long-awaited polyester shell swimming pool.

At the start of his project, Mario found himself faced with several service providers, each offering solutions more or less suited to his situation. BHM Piscine stands out for its made-to-measure approach. Once the contractor had been chosen, work could begin.

The result of this collaboration was totally satisfying for Mario, who says that “
the result is top
“. He confirms that he made the right choice in opting for a Aboral Piscines swimming pool and by working with BHM Piscine, attesting to the seriousness and professionalism of our teams. Steven, his contact at BHM Piscine, was available “
before, during and after the project

Deadlines were met, and Mario also emphasizes the excellent condition of the site at the end of the work. Indeed, at the end of the project, the site was left very clean, as had been the case throughout.

Whatever your pool project, we’ve got you covered, Aboral Piscines is committed to providing quality service, personalized support and expertise to all our customers. Our goal? Making every pool project a smooth, rewarding experience for employees residents of Nantes and surrounding areas.

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