What if you no longer had to choose between a terrace and a swimming pool? You think it’s impossible? Then you haven’t heard of the removable pool! Aboral presents this revolutionary concept!

What is a movable-bottom pool?

The principle of a movable-bottom pool is as simple as it is ingenious: the depth of your pool can be adapted on demand. The result is a modular pool: the depth can be adapted to suit the users and their activities.

How a movable floor pool works

The operation of a movable-bottom pool can be compared to that of an elevator: the vertical movement is operated by a traction system using stainless steel cables. These cables support the entire platform and are driven by a submerged motor or hydraulic cylinders.
The control system is very simple: it is generally limited to a single button accessible with a key for added security, and positioned at a minimum height of 1.50 m.

The advantages of a movable floor pool

A movable-bottom pool offers several advantages over more conventional pool models. The first advantage is safety, especially in the presence of young children. In fact, the pool can be made to disappear completely, meaning that children can play safely in the outdoor area. They will only have access to water when you decide, and in your presence.
The second advantage is obviously the modularity of this type of pool. The depth of the pool can be adapted to your activity. So you can opt for maximum depth for swimming, or a shallower depth for aquagym sessions. A movable-bottom pool can be adapted to suit even the youngest users: in no time at all, it can change from a deep pool to a paddling pool, suitable for small children.
The modularity of the movable-bottom pool makes it particularly suitable for people with reduced mobility, who can access the pool in complete safety, letting the water level gradually rise to the desired level.
Last but not least, the space-saving benefits of the movable-bottom pool have made it a popular choice. It can be installed in place of the terrace, without replacing it.

Disadvantages of the movable floor pool

While the concept of the movable floor pool is attractive and offers many advantages, it also has a number of disadvantages, not least its price and the maintenance required.
If the disadvantages of a movable-floor pool are too restrictive, there’s an alternative: the sloped-bottom pool. The pool is then built with a compound slope toprovide a shallow (around 1 meter)relaxation and play area for children, and a deeper swimming area that can go from 1m60 to 1m95. Find the full ABORAL range of sloped-bottom pools at https://www.aboral.fr/piscine-fond-incline/

How much does a swimming pool with movable floor cost?

Prices for smaller pools start at around €20,000, and can quickly soar to €50,000 for a larger pool, or one with a more constraining shape. The price difference with a conventional pool is due in particular to the more extensive work involved, and especially to the purchase and installation of the pool lifting system.

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