After the summer season and in preparation for winter, it’s time towinterize your pool. It’s an important shutdown, but how do you achieve it? We explain all the stages ofwintering in this article.

Steps for winterizing your pool

You no doubt know that there are 2 types ofwinterization:passive winterization, in which the pool is completely shut down; andactive winterization, or semi-winterization, in which the pool runs at idle speed. For this second type ofwinterization, you’ll need to run your pool ‘s filtration system for 2 or 3 hours a day.
Between cleaning, shutting down the filtration system and water treatment, here are all the steps you need to take to get your pool ready forwinter storage. These steps must be scrupulously followed to ensure that your pool is in excellent condition for the coming summer season!

Choose the right moment

How do you know when to startwinterizing your pool? To do this, you need to take the water temperature into account: if it’s 12°C or below, you can proceed withwinterizing.
Winterizing when the water is still too warm means exposing yourself to the risk of micro-organism development, responsible for green water in the spring.

Carefully clean your pond

Give your pool a thorough cleaning with the help of your pool cleaner. The bottom, the walls, the water line, the stairs… everything must be impeccably clean!

Think about the filtration system

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Withpassive wintering, or total wintering, filtration stops completely. The pool filter must therefore be cleaned with care, using a specific descaling product.

Opt for shock treatment of your pool water

Beforewintering, your pool water needs to be clean and healthy. To do this, choose a shock treatment and adjust the pH of the water.

Reduce water level

Lower the water level to about 10 cm below the discharge nozzles. This will prevent problems such as water freezing, which can damage pipes and, more generally, the structure of your pool.
Be careful not to empty the pool of all its water! This would be detrimental to the structure of the basin.

Stop filtration and install anti-freeze accessories

Close the multi-way valve on the pool filter, and make sure to drain the pump, filter and skimmer circuits. Anti-frost accessories must be installed at this stage.

Put everything under cover

Some equipment, such as the pump, diving board and ladder , must be removed and stored under cover during the winter season.

Choose a winterizing product

Pour a specialpool winterization product into different areas to protect your pool from bacteria, limescale and algae.

Cover your pool

Choose a
winter cover
to protect your pool from the elements. The blanket won’t let in dirt, rain or cold.

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