If you want to enjoy your pool whatever the weather, you can do so by installing an indoor pool. A decorative and entertaining feature, the indoor pool lets you enjoy the joys of swimming even in the middle of winter. The models are perfectly suited to the layout of your space, and promise well-being and relaxation.

Although it offers many advantages, an indoor pool must meet a number of constraints when it comes to construction. This type of project is not trivial, so a few rules need to be observed to ensure optimal installation.

Before embarking on this project, talk to a professional pool specialist such as Aboral Piscines, or one of its dealers, for personalized advice and comprehensive support.

Important points when building your indoor pool

An indoor swimming pool must be built in a separate room in the house. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine building a swimming pool right in the middle of your living room, close to the kitchen and its appliances. You’ll need a room with a high ceiling and a large volume of air, to avoid a feeling of dampness.

  • By choosing a room that is slightly isolated from the rest of the house, you can also limit the smell of chlorine and other cleaning products, as well as noise pollution (plunging, echoes…).
  • You also need to consider the safety of your pool and filtration system. So be sure to include storage space for your pool maintenance equipment (maintenance chemicals, accessories, landing net, etc.) and your filtration system (pump, motor, lighting system, etc.).

How much does an indoor pool cost?

If you’re planning to build an indoor pool, you’ll need to set aside a substantial budget, as prices are higher than for an outdoor pool, and because this type of installation requires extensive landscaping around the pool.

Indoor shell pool: minimum €25,000
Indoor kit pool: €1,800 to €5,000
Concrete indoor pool: from €50,000

Indoor swimming pool legislation

Yes, if you wish to build an indoor swimming pool in your home, you will need to apply for planning permission from your local council. If your pool is larger than 20m2, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • A site plan
  • A construction plan
  • Photos of the future swimming pool in situ

Your local council will give you an answer concerning your building permit within a maximum of 2 months.

In conclusion

It’s important to remember that building an indoor swimming pool is a technically demanding and time-consuming project. So you need to take your time before embarking on such a project. If conditions permit, let Aboral Piscines accompany you throughout your project.

Or have you considered a spa?

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