Enjoying a magnificent swimming pool in your own backyard is a dream shared by many French people. The sector is doing well: homeowners are being seduced by this haven of peace and freshness. According to the FPP (French federation of pool and spa professionals), no fewer than 2.5 million pools have been built in France. With an 11% increase in construction in 2019.
The good news is that building your own private swimming pool is becoming more and more accessible, and is no longer just a dream!

A more accessible market

Once considered a luxury item, swimming pools are now being democratized, with very attractive price ranges. The size and type of pool will directly influence the price of your new pool, so choose according to your needs and desires.

Hull pools with flat and sloping bottoms

Shell pools are in-ground pools available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to suit your needs.
The pool floor can be flat or sloped: the flat-bottom pool is particularly well-suited to children, who can enjoy a safe swim with an even depth at all times. pool with sloping bottom allows you to devote yourself to beautiful dives, but also to enter the water gradually, thanks to a progressive depth.

Shell pools with a submerged cover box

To prevent children from gaining unsupervised access to the pool, and/or to keep the water healthy and clean at all times, while protecting your pool from sudden temperature changes, why not choose a model of shell pool with submerged cover? Discover all the models and colors available to keep your pool in top condition and ensure unrivalled bathing comfort.

Mini hull pools

Your garden is rather small, but you don’t want to do without your pool? Choose a mini-pool! Several colors and models are available, with or without a submerged cover, so you can finally enjoy your own relaxation area, where conviviality and relaxation are the order of the day.

Swimming pool taxation: understand to avoid surprises

Depending on the size of your pool, building permission may be required. For pools up to 10 m², no authorization is required, unless the pool is located in a protected area.
It’s important to know that building a pool can lead to an increase in local taxes: your pool increases the rental value used to calculate your property tax and council tax. As a result, your local taxes will certainly be higher.

Getting ready for your pool: equipment

Your pool will quickly become your favorite place (we’re sure of it)! To welcome and use it safely, you need to provide the following equipment to prevent any risk of drowning, such as: an alarm, a shelter, a cover or an underwater flap. Remember that these devices are not a substitute for adult supervision, which must be active and permanent.
Equip your pool with a swim pole and a nearby telephone, easy to reach in case of emergency. Don’t forget buoys and armbands for the kids, and inflatable games for all the fun! To keep in shape while having fun in your pool, you can choose a pool bike for aquabike or fries for aquagym. Many other accessories are available to enhance your pool such as underwater or above-water floodlights: these lighting solutions let you enjoy your pool all night long!

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