An indispensable tool, the
pool cleaner
simplifies pool maintenance! It effectively cleans both the bottom and the sides of your pool. Its aim is to eliminate all impurities, to ensure that your bathing experience is in optimum condition. But how do you choose the right pool cleaner?

The different types of pool robot

Several models of pool robots are available: pulsating pool robots, hydraulic robots and electric robots. Let’s take a look at their characteristics.

Pulsating pool cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners need to be connected to your pool’s hydraulic circuit: they operate via the filtration pump, using water sent under pressure. This type of robot works a bit like a vacuum cleaner: its waste bag collects pond waste.

Hydraulic pool cleaners

Hydraulic pool cleaners are equipped with a waste bag, which is sent directly to the pool filter. To operate, hydraulic pool cleaners must be connected to the pool’s hydraulic system.

Electric pool cleaners

Electric pool cleaners are equipped with a waste collection system and operate autonomously: they don’t need to be connected to your pool’s hydraulic system. Being electric, this type of robot requires a nearby socket to operate.

The best low-cost pool cleaners

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Our tips and tricks for an efficient robot

When choosing your new pool cleaner, take into account the type, shape and dimensions of your pool: this will enable you to make an initial selection. On AboralShop, you’ll find a wide range of models and the best brands of pool cleaners.
To keep your pool cleaner running efficiently, you need to pay close attention to its maintenance. After each pool cleaning cycle, it’s important to store your pool cleaner away from direct sunlight. Excessive heat or cold can be harmful, so don’t leave it without shelter, as this will limit wear and tear.
Maintenance of your pool cleaner varies according to the model chosen:
For electric pool cleaners, proper filter maintenance ensures your cleaner’s suction efficiency and pool cleaning performance. Remember to wash the filter with clean water after each pool cleaning cycle. Pay particular attention to brush and power cable maintenance.
For your hydraulic pool cleaner, clean it regularly with clear or slightly soapy water, without using solvents. Always remove the pool cleaner from your pool before cleaning the pump’s pre-filter.
For your pool cleaner, don’t forget to empty the tank after each use to ensure maximum efficiency.

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