When you want to realize your pool projectbefore making a choice, we want to have as much information as possible on market prices, opportunities, quality and the different types of pools available.

Today, we present the advantages and disadvantages of installing a acrylic shell poolpool.

But above all, the answer to this question: what is it worth compared to the polyester shell pool ?


All you need to know about acrylic shell pools

Acrylic is a synthetic polymer used in many synthetic products such as Plexiglas and household appliances. For the construction of this pool modelThis synthetic polymer is then thermoformed. The surface part of the pond is now ready for installation on your property.


What are the advantages of an acrylic shell pool?

The main advantage of this in-ground pool lies in its resistance to osmosis.

What is osmosis? This phenomenon occurs when water passes through your pool’s gel coat. This causes a chemical reaction between the water and the polyester resin, which can lead to the appearance of blisters on your pool shell. By choosing this product, you can be sure of a high quality reliable pool in your garden.

Unlike traditional pools (concrete pools, for example), this shell pool also boasts a number of qualities, such as a scratch-resistant, weather-resistant coating.


What are the disadvantages of an acrylic shell pool?

However, this model of shell pool also has its drawbacks, especially over the long term.

In fact, it will show signs of ageing just as much as a polyester shell pool. However, the maintenance and repair of acrylic basins is far more delicate. And with good reason: professionals have little experience with this type of material, unlike other shell pool ranges.

Repairing your acrylic pool by a professional can be a real headache in the event of damage. Examples include a ground movement in your home, a heavy object falling or a rising water table.

A similar situation can happen faster than you think! It’s important to take these factors into account when planning your pool installation.

Another disadvantage of pool construction project is the price of the latter. Is an acrylic pool a good deal? As you can imagine, this one uses materials that are more expensive to produce, so the price is lower. 25% more expensive than a polyester shell pool.


Acrylic shell pool vs. polyester shell pool

It’s time for the big duel: polyester shell pool or acrylic shell pool, which is better? ?

First of all, it’s important to note that both pools have a similar basic structural quality. The material used for this structure is polyester resin composite reinforced with fiberglass.

Apart from this material, does the acrylic pool win out over its counterpart? After all, this model of basin has all the advantages of its competitor by eliminating its disadvantages.

However, there’s one vital element to consider in the life of a swimming pool: its durability. The guarantee of having it repaired quickly by a professional pool builder is an enormous privilege.

Price is another factor to consider. A polyester pool shell is more affordable and will suit the majority of households looking to make their pool dreams come true.

These two pool models each have their own qualities, but polyester pool remains unrivalled for its versatility, both in terms of quality/price ratio and logistics.


Aboral Piscines: A ten-year warranty on your polyester shell swimming pool

The professionals at Aboral Piscines are committed to insure your pool for 10 years and so promise you peace of mind. What’s more, Aboral is one of the only brands to offer this type of contract. It is applied to the gelcoat, waterproofing, structure and installation of your pool.

So why choose an acrylic shell pool for your garden when you can choose Aboral?

You have a pool project for your home and would like to go one step further? Discover our online configurator that lets you choose from our wide range of shell pools: color, size, shape (rectangular, round, etc.) or type of bottom (flat or sloped), you’re sure to find the right one for you!

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