In just a few years, swimming pools have become an essential part of many homes. And with good reason: they provide a space for relaxation and entertainment that benefits all members of the family!

However, when it comes to choosing the right pool model for your outdoor space, this can be a difficult task. Above-ground pool, concrete pool or freestanding pool… the choices are endless. However, because of their speed of installation and durability, two options seem to stand out: the shell pool and the container pool.

So how do you choose between a shell pool and a container pool? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Discover the features of these two pool types to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your future pool.


Why choose a shell pool?

A polyester shell pool is a factory-prefabricated pool, usually molded in fiberglass-reinforced polyester. It may be a in-ground pool or an above-ground above above-ground pool. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider.

The advantages of a shell pool

A polyester shell pool offers several advantages:


– Fast installation: The factory-molded structure of these pools guarantees one-piece delivery, considerably speeding up the installation process compared to concrete or liner pools requiring on-site construction.

– Foolproof durability: The polyester hullglass-fiber-reinforced and coated with a protective gel coat, offers optimum resistance to weather, impact and pool chemicals. This composition ensures long service life.

– Easy maintenance: The smooth hull surface, combined with a flat bottom, reduces algae growth and simplifies cleaning. Fewer joints mean fewer leaks and less maintenance.

– A wide range of customization options: Available in a variety of shapes and colors, these pools offer aesthetic customization to suit your outdoor space. You can also adjust the size of the pool to suit your preferences, by opting for a larger or smaller pool.
for example.

– Unparalleled swimming comfort shell pools often feature steps and anti-slip surfaces, ensuring a safe and comfortable bathing experience.

A pool model with a few drawbacks

Despite these advantages shell pool may not be suitable for everyone due to certain disadvantages:


– High initial cost: Although value for money is favorable in the long term thanks to lower maintenance costs, the initial cost of these polyester pools can be higher than that of above-ground pools.

– Limited size and shape: Customization is limited to the options available in the manufacturer’s catalog. If you have specific needs in terms of size or shape, this can be a disadvantage.

– Transport can be tricky: In some cases, it can be difficult to transport the prefabricated shell to your garden, especially if access is restricted. You may need special equipment for delivery.


As you can see, thanks to their factory-molded structurestructure polyester pools offer a durable, attractive and easy-to-maintain option. They also allow the installation of various options, such as a filtration system or an underwater shutter, for example. However, they can be associated with higher initial costs and limitations in terms of customization.

Why choose a container pool?

A container pool can be installed in two different ways: above-ground or semi-inground. Before deciding to install a above-ground steel poolWhen choosing a steel above-ground pool, it’s important to consider its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of a container pool

The container pool offers a number of advantages that you should be aware of before making a choice:


– Affordable: The purchase price is significantly lower than that of a traditional pool of similar dimensions. Easy to install, it also generates savings during installation. What’s more, if it’s placed above ground, it won’t have any tax repercussions, thus limiting its financial impact.

– Long service life: This type of installation, originally designed to withstand extreme marine conditions and corrosion, ensures a robust, long-lasting basin. This feature enhances the pool’s longevity, offering owners a long-lasting, reliable solution.

– An eco-friendly pool: This pool promotes recycling by reusing old containers, reducing waste and limiting the over-consumption of other materials.

A type of swimming pool limited in several respects

Despite its advantages, the container pool does have its drawbacks:

– Limited size: The fixed dimensions of the containers determine the size of the pool, which may not be suitable for those looking for a large pool.

– Limited depth: Standard shipping containers have a limited depth, which may not satisfy those looking for a deep pool.

– Poor thermal insulation: Metal containers require additional thermal insulation to maintain water temperature, resulting in additional costs.

– Maintenance constraints: Salt treatment is not possible due to its incompatibility with metal. Nevertheless, chlorine, bromine and active oxygen remain excellent alternatives for ensuring healthy, pleasant bathing water.

– Transport can be tricky: when buying a container pool, don’t forget to consider access to the installation site. Despite its rapid installation and ease of transport, easy access to the garden is required (similar to that required for a rectangular shell pool).


Although container pools offer a fast, affordable option, limitations on size, depth and heating considerations must be taken into account. Before choosing, assess your needs, your budget and the specific features of your garden.

Shell pool vs. container pool: the final choice

The polyester shell pool like the container pool have their own advantages and disadvantages. The final decision will depend on your individual constraints and needs, requiring careful evaluation.


However, the above comparison suggests that shell pools offer a durable, aesthetic and easy-to-maintain option. They also offer a certain amount of freedom for customization (even if this remains limited by the pool ranges ranges).


The container poolis distinguished by its affordability and rapid installation. However, there are constraints in terms of size and depth imposed by container standards. This option may be particularly suitable for those who prefer an economical, temporary solution.


Visit choice between a polyester shell pool and a container pool is based on individual factors such as available budget, garden space and personal aesthetic preferences. Careful evaluation of these elements is essential to making an informed decision and enjoying the pleasures of swimming in a pool that precisely meets your needs.


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