Nearly half of all French people dream of having a swimming pool in their home. It’s understandable! Swimming pools mean relaxation, conviviality and fun. Will installing one really increase the value of your home? We tell you everything.

A swimming pool: real added value for your property

There’s no doubt that choosing to build a swimming pool willincrease the value of your property. It’s an investment that makes all the difference when it comes to resale. To add even more value, it’s important to keep your pool and your outdoor area well-maintained, so plan a beautiful layout around your pool!

A higher selling price

Having an outdoor pool represents real added value for the sale. The swimming pool is one of the most popular criteria for buyers, especially in the South of France. It will make visitors to your property fall in love with you, which can result in a higher selling price, between 5% and 20% more depending on the region, than a house without a pool.
Of course, you’ll need to take into account the pool itself, especially its quality and safety, to help future buyers plan ahead.

The advantages of having a swimming pool when renting out your property

A swimming pool is also an asset if you want to rent out your home! It’s a real plus, but you have to remember to equip it with all the necessary safety features.
Families will be won over and won’t hesitate to choose your property for their rental.

Selling your home when you have a pool

Houses with swimming pools attract future buyers! It’s important to highlight your pool as soon as you post your ad, by including it in the photos of your property. During visits, show off your beautiful pool, its clear, clean water, and its equipment for safe swimming. Don’t hesitate to decorate the edges of the pool with accessories such as deckchairs or poufs, to make visitors want to enjoy it even more!

Build your own shell pool with Aboral Piscine

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