The summer season is approaching, and with it, the next family summer vacations! But have you thought about maintenance of your polyester pool during your absence? Without a regular maintenanceThe water in your pond can quickly turn green. But pool owners needn’t worry… Today, there are easy-to-implement solutions to help you go on vacation with peace of mind.

And it’s perfect timing, Aboral has prepared a summary of the rules you need to follow to keep your pool water clear pool water!


Maintenance of your shell pool: steps to take 15 days before your departure


1. Maintain your pool’s water balance

To leave with peace of mind, carry out a series of tests at least 15 days before your departure to check the cleanliness of your water. To do this, install a
pool controller
inside your pool to control pH and chlorine pH and chlorine levels. Depending on the result obtained, your controller reacts by autonomously regulating rates through the addition of corrective product. Equipped with this device, you can go on vacation without worrying about the cleanliness of your pool!

On the other hand, if you don’t have a regulator, buy a strip kit in your area or online and, depending on the results, rebalance your levels by adding the recommended quantities of maintenance products.


2. Use a third party to maintain your pool

To prevent the water turns greenyou should then ask a friend or family member to check your pool and maintain it if necessary.

If you can’t find anyone to look after your pool while you’re away, there are companies that specialize in pool cleaning. By choosing the formula best suited to your needs, a professional will come and check your pond 1 or 2 times a week and will be able to carry out the following tasks in particular:

  • water balance;
  • cleaning your pool;
  • checking equipment (filter pumps, skimmers, etc.);
  • visit water level.


For this type of service, you should expect to pay at least a hundred euros, depending on the service and your location.


Pool maintenance: steps to take D-3 before your departure


1. Clean your pool mechanically

To eliminate microorganisms and bacteria inside your pond, there’s nothing better than effective effective brushing of your pool! By disturbing the water mass, you enable your disinfectant to better capture and disintegrate bacteria.

For optimum cleaning results, make sure you choose the right brush for the shape and lining of your pond. You have a free-form poolwith several angles? Prefer a triangular broom head, for better access to corners!

Once the pool has been brushed, skim off surface debris using a landing net. Also, don’t forget to empty your pump’s skimmers and pre-filter!


2. Remember to refill with disinfectant

Before you set sail, make sure your pool has enough disinfectant to keep it clean while you’re away. Whether you load through your regulatoryour chlorinator or by hand by adding chlorine pebbles in the skimmers, it is imperative not to miss this step if you do not want to find your
green pool

Don’t forget, if you have an automatic device, to check that it is properly programmed!


3. Protect your pool with a cover

Last step before you leave: cover your pool with a bar cover or a winter cover. The objective?
Secure access to the pool
To avoid the risk of children or animals falling into the pool, and to prevent impurities (pollen, leaves, etc.) from being deposited in the pool, you need to limit the use of chemicals.


Now you’re all set for a family vacation – without having to worry about pool maintenance. Have a great vacation!

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