How would you like to extend the summer season so you can enjoy your swims for longer? You can make this dream come true with a range of solutions, includingpool enclosures, submerged pool covers and heat pumps. Make bathing last longer with our solutions and enjoy your pool!

The heat pump: a precious ally

The heat pumpheats your pool in an environmentally-friendly way. It’s an ecological and economical type of heating: the heat pump heats the pool using the heat in the air.

How to choose a heat pump

Quiet and economical, the new heat pump models allow you to bathe all year round while saving energy. To choose your heat pump, consider these 3 criteria:

1st criterion: basin water volume

The size of your pool must be taken into account when choosing your future heat pump, because different volumes of water will have different requirements!

2nd criterion: heat pump capacity, Coefficient of Performance and bivalence point

Power determines the time required for temperature rise. The Coefficient of Performance (COP) is the ratio between the power consumed and the power output. These criteria may differ depending on the region in which the pool is located. More power is needed, for example, for basins in colder regions or in windy areas.

3rd criterion: decibels and noise level of the heat pump

This is an essential criterion for your comfort, and it would be a mistake to neglect it! It’s hard to relax with constant background noise. The lower the number of dB, the quieter the PAC.

Other possible solutions

In addition to heat pumps, there are other solutions for enjoying swimming in any season! Let yourself be tempted by ourpool enclosures and underwater roller shutters.

Pool enclosure

Whether low or high, a pool enclosure is an easy way to extend the swimming season while keeping your pool safe. By heating the air, the pool enclosure warms the water in the pool.
Choosing a high shelter means you can bathe even when it’s raining or windy! You’ll be able to continue your swim sheltered from the elements.

Underwater roller shutter

underwater roller shutter
keeps your pool water at a constant temperature. It prevents heat loss, preserving heat accumulated during the day. The result is warmer, cleaner water, because the cover protects your pool.
What’s more, our immersed roller shutter models are highly aesthetic and custom-made to perfectly fit the dimensions of your pool.

Surf suit

Another easy-to-implement solution? Opt for a wetsuit! Available in several millimeters, a wetsuit is perfectly waterproof and acts like a second skin: ideal for protection from cold water!
Why adopt it? With her, forget all that “summer body” stuff (and forget your tan too). Guaranteed success: you won’t go unnoticed poolside! And for your guests, you can always use a fancy dress party as an excuse to invite them to enjoy your unheated pool!

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