A swimming pool heat pump is a piece of equipment that allows you to heat water at the right temperature.
temperature you want. This technology is particularly useful when you want to
extend your bathing season by a few weeks.
Nevertheless, to take advantage of such performance, it is necessary to assess the situation carefully and to
select the right heat pump. To do this, there are a few things you need to bear in mind
such as the size of the heat pump, the volume of water in your pond, or
the region you live in.
Choosing a pool heat pump is no trivial matter, and must take several factors into account
criteria. First of all, in order to ensure that your pool water rises to temperature, it is necessary to
that you choose the right equipment for the size of your pool. Indeed, in the case of
where your pool heat pump is oversized, you risk seeing your energy consumption rise.
because the pump will quickly heat up the water and keep it at a constant temperature.
high temperature.
On the other hand, if your pool’s heat pump is too small, the temperature will take a long time to build up.
reach the desired level.
Another decisive criterion for choosing a heat pump for your home is the following
pool: the volume of water in your pool. For example, if it is less than 65 m3, opt for
a heat pump with an output of around 13 kW. The larger your pool, the greater the
power must be high.
Finally, depending on the region where you live, the choice of your heat pump will not be the same.
either. If you’re lucky enough to live in the south of France, there’s no need to select
a pump that’s too powerful. On the other hand, if you live at higher altitudes, a heat pump with a higher output will be more suitable.
may be preferable.


Good pool water depth

Now you know everything you need to know to choose the right heat pump for you! Find out in our latest article

the right water level for your pool!

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