It’s a summertime problem, especially for blond, highlighted or bleached hair: after a refreshing swim in the pool, hair can turn green. It doesn’t have to be this way: there are solutions to help you enjoy your pool without worry!

Why does hair turn green at the pool?

Before presenting the solutions, let’s understand the causes of this chemical phenomenon.
Blonde and highlighted hair are more affected by these green highlights: they are simply more vulnerable to chemical agents. People who have recently had their hair colored are more at risk of developing green highlights.
The mainculprit is chlorine. Indispensable for fighting algae and other dirt in your pool water, it contains powerful chemical agents that react with bleached or highlighted blond hair.

Green hair – what to do?

What are the tips and remedies for avoiding green hair at the pool? Discover our solutions to keep your hair looking beautiful without green highlights and enjoy your pool in peace!

The bathing cap, your new anti-reflective green friend

A bathing cap is a simple, effective solution that prevents your hair from being in constant contact with chlorine, its worst enemy! Silicone bathing caps are more watertight than fabric ones, so they’re the best choice.

Protect your hair every day

Damaged hair is more likely to have green highlights caused by chlorine in the pool. To avoid this, nothing could be simpler: take care of your hair by moisturizing with a protective oil or mist before swimming.
Apply nourishing treatments every week, so that your hair builds up an effective barrier: with the scales closed, your hair is protected!

Shampoos and natural remedies

As soon as you get out of the water, wash your hair to remove all traces of chlorine. Shampoo once, or several times if necessary.
But maybe it’s too late and your hair is already showing green highlights? You can try some natural methods: rinse your hair with effervescent aspirin and lemon juice, to benefit from their lightening properties. Other swimmers use bicarbonate of soda or tomato paste toeliminate greenish highlights.
Are you still seeing green highlights? In this case, make an appointment with your hairdresser, who will quickly remove them from your hair.

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