The swimming pool is a fun place, especially for children. However, it can be all the more fun to share a moment of togetherness by taking part in a group game. There’s no shortage of children’s games for the pool, and they can be endlessly varied. Find out in
In this article, you’ll learn which children’s games you can improvise in your swimming pool.

The ball you never want to drop

The “never drop a ball” game is one of the most popular pool games for kids. The aim is simple: throw a ball of any kind at each other and try to ensure that it never touches the surface of the water. The first participant who fails to catch up receives a token. Simple and effective, this game will keep your children busy, whatever their age.

Adapting a land game to the pool

The other way to keep your children entertained in the pool is to adapt a game usually played on land to the pool environment. Among the best-known games are water polo (an aquatic version of handball), basketball (where you set up two floating baskets on either side of your pool), dodgeball (where you use a rope or net to delimit the two opposing camps), and Cola Maya (where you need a scarf to blindfold the player who has to guess the identity of the other players).

The treasure hunt

Last but not least, the most popular children’s pool game is undoubtedly the treasure hunt. Here again, several versions can be adapted. In fact, if you have an even number of players, you can organize a game of beret: each player wears a number in each team, and must dive to find a common object at the bottom of the pool when his or her number is called. The first to bring back a “treasure” coin earns his team a point.


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