What better feeling in summer than being able to cool off in clear, healthy water? To take advantage of this, you need to be at least as assiduous on maintenance of your shell pool. Because although there are many pieces of equipment available today that will save you time on cleaning your poolis essential if you don’t want to have to deal with algae proliferationresponsible for cloudy or greenish water.

And for successful maintenance of your shell poolthere are a number of tricks up your sleeve! More time-saving these tips will help you achieve save money your wallet.

Want to find out more? Discover our tips for successfully cleaning your the shell of your pool !


Shell pool maintenance: surface cleaning


For a a clean pondthe first step is to sanitize the various surfaces of your pond. This applies in particular to the bottom, walls, corners and stairs of the hull. In some cases, the water line can be difficult to clean. The right cleaning product will help you remove those stubborn stains.

Rather tedious, this step is a real chore for many pool owners. For greater convenience, the best option is to opt for automatic devicesthat will take care of pool maintenanceeven in your absence. This is particularly true of pool robots Fully autonomous, these robots can clean the bottom, sides and waterline of your pool in record time.


Cleaning your pool equipment


For optimal cleaning your swimming poolit is important to ensure that your your filter and pump. In fact, a malfunction of the latter would lead to less efficient filtration, resulting in poor pool cleaning. To avoid this, check regularly the correct operation and cleanliness of these components.


Finally, check your water balance the balance of your water This includes chlorine levels, acidity, alkalinity and limescale.


Draining your shell pool


Despite your best efforts to maintain your pool waterIt may remain scaled or turn green. In this case, you will notice that neither cleaning productsnor chlorine treatments will be effective. To restore healthy water, you should consider an oil change of your pool. But beware, this operation is not without risk; for this reason, it must be carried out with due respect for current regulations.

For more advice on draining your pool, please consult our
our article
on the subject. If you have any doubts about this operation, don’t take any chances! Give preference to the pool specialist who installed installation of your shell pool.


You now have all the keys to successful pool maintenance ! Now all you have to do is go straight to our online store AboralShop where you’ll find a wide range of products to help you sanitize your pool water. Equipment that can save you time on maintenance are also available. Now it’s your turn!

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