Installing a shell swimming pool is a delicate job, requiring the services of professionals. At Aboral, a polyester pool shell can be installed in just a few days. Here’s what the work involves.

What are the steps involved in installing a shell pool?

Step 1: Pool layout

The choice of theideal location for a shell pool depends on a number of parameters, including wind direction, sunshine, soil type, accessibility of machinery for work, etc.

Step 2: Tracing

Once the pool shell has been installed, the first step is to mark out the pool on the ground to help the digger who will be doing the excavating.

Stage 3: Earthworks

This involves making the hole that will receive the basin. Depending on the complexity of the site, earthworks can be carried out using manual or mechanical equipment.

Stage 4: Creating the excavation base

This step smoothes the surface on which the pool shell will be laid. To achieve this, the pit bottom is covered with geotextile felt, then gravel.

Step 5: Delivery and installation of the pool shell

The shell is usually delivered by truck with its own crane. The basin is placed directly at the bottom of the excavation. After the operation, the pond must be perfectly level.

Step 6: Backfill and pipe installation

To ensure the stability of the pool shell, the periphery of the pool is backfilled with gravel and the piping installed.

Step 7: Installation of concrete belt and coping stones

Installation of the coping is optional, but often represents the finishing touch to the pool. To support the coping, a concrete belt is required.

Step 8: Commissioning

Once the pool has been cleaned, the filtration equipment connected, the pool shell imp ounded and the final checks carried out, it’s ready for use.



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