If you thought shell pools were only reserved for homeowners living in the countryside, that’s not true! Today, a 50 m2 is all you need to install the pool of your dreams in your outdoor space. In addition to the comfort and aesthetic appeal of a mini-pool at home, you’ll be able to increase the value of your property. What more could you ask for?

But be careful, even if urban pools are now booming, it’s imperative to find out beforehand about the constraints imposed by your local planning regulations. Thanks to this document, you’ll know whether it’s possible to building a shell pool in your residential zone. If this is not the case, your building permit will be in jeopardy.

Focus on mini-pools !


The different types of mini pools


Today, there’s no need to turn to dismountable above-ground pools to enjoy a swim. Even on a small surface, you can already start a in-ground pool project in urban environments. Generally less than 10 m2these mini-pools have no trouble making a place for themselves in your outdoor space. In fact, various pool models are now available and easy to adapt to your terrain.

Generally custom-made to fit the constraints of your garden, you can personalize your shell pool according to your budget, by choosing the desired shape (round, rectangular, square), the size of your shell pool and even the color of the liner.

However, before you can enjoy the pleasures of swimming, you’ll need to plan a certain amount of work, such as :

– Landscaping your plot of land, which allows you to dig the site for your mini-pool. This stage is carried out after checking the nature of the soil and selecting the appropriate the location of your pool.

– Delivery and installation of your mini-pool.

– Installation of the filtration system and various connections.

– Finally, backfill, paving and coping.

Don’t panic, thanks to the expertise of a pool professionalyou’ll have to wait a maximum of one week before you can take the plunge.


Regulatory constraints to be aware of before building a mini-pool


Before starting construction work on your future city poolit’s important to be aware of the various rules to be observed.

First of all, remember that for the installation of a pool measuring less than 10 m2prior declaration of works is not required.

To find out about any specific restrictions in your area, don’t forget to consult the local town planning plan. As well as telling you whether or not it’s possible to build a swimming pool in your area, this document will provide you with information on distances between from neighbors.

If you live in a heritage protection zone, remember to apply for a building permit with your local town hall and contact the Service Territorial de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine to validate your building project.

You live in a condominium and would like to install a shell pool on your outdoor space? Check the condominium rules in advance; they may contain specific authorizations that should not be overlooked.


As you can see, despite a few regulatory constraints, building a mini-pool will let you enjoy a pleasant swim in the city! For further information, please contact Aboral expertsThey will be delighted to help you with your project.

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