Installing a swimming pool at home is a major investment, so it’s essential to take the time to seek professional advice. To do this, you’ll need to meet a number of pool specialists to draw up an estimate.

But how do you read all the information in the quotation? Without further ado, Aboral gives you the keys to understanding understand a pool estimate and make your future pool project a success.

Why ask for a quote?

A pool estimate is a document issued by a pool professional which details all the costs associated with the pool construction. It often includes the cost of materials, labor and all other expenses related to pool installation.

Generally speaking, a pool quotation is carried out following a meeting with the customer, during which the swimming pool specialist learns about the customer’s wishes and needs with regard to the pool: pool type (shell pool, above-ground pool, semi-sunken pool, shotcrete pool, kit pool, modular panel pool or overflow pool), pool size, flat or sloping bottom, shell coloretc.

You’ve got it: an in-ground pool estimate is an important tool for future pool owners, enabling them to know the exact cost of the construction work in advance, and to budget their project more effectively.

Finally, requesting a quote is also important for comparing the pool prices and find the best deal.

Swimming pool quotes: the different elements to take into account

Choosing and installing your pool

At your first appointment with your swimming pool specialist, you’ll have the opportunity to express your wishes and requirements for your future pool. As such, the pool estimate must include the following elements

– The pool dimensions :
or large pool with swim lane? It’s up to you to choose from the different volumes offered by your chosen professional. However, the size of your pool depends not only on the surface area of your land, but also on how you intend to use it.

– The pool color blue, ivory or quartz shells. Here again, it all depends on your outdoor environment and the architecture of your home.

– Included equipment: to ensure the smooth operation of your future in-ground poolto ensure that your future in-ground pool runs smoothly, it’s essential that the quotation includes the equipment that will be delivered with the pool (4 backflow pipes, 2 backflow bungs, 2 skimmers, 1 prevention bung, 1 brush socket, 1 complete professional maintenance kit).

In addition to its technical features, the price of a shell pool also depends on its transport and installation in your garden. As such, the quotation should not overlook the costs associated with these elements.

Additional equipment and accessories

Whether it’s for
pool maintenance
or bather comfort, additional equipment and accessories can be added to the quote. The main equipment includes :

– The complete filtration kit: installation of a filtration system is essential if you want to keep your pool water clean. For this reason, check that your quotation includes delivery of a filtration unit (pump and filter).

– Automatic water treatment system: To facilitate daily pool maintenance, you can also choose an automatic water treatment device (chlorine, bromine or salt electrolysis).

– The automatic pH controller : This accessory controls and regulates the pH level of pool water. This will prevent the appearance and development of algae inside your pond.

– The automatic underwater safety shutter : In addition to protecting your pool from impurities (leaves, pollen, insects, etc.), a roller shutter keeps all types of pools warm, making swimming more enjoyable.

The different warranties

It is important to check that the pool builder includes a ten-year warranty valid. Its purpose is to protect you against damage that could jeopardize the gel-coat, the structure of the pool and its waterproofing. It is valid for 10 years from acceptance of the work.

Visit equipment warranty covers damage to pool equipment (such as filtration pumps or filters) caused by a construction defect.

Points to check when reading a pool estimate

In addition to the description, the cost of the work (construction and installation of the pool and the various accessories) and the additional guarantees (ten-year guarantee, material guarantee, etc.), it is important to check that certain elements are correctly included in your estimate:

– First of all, check that the quotation for your includes not only the company’s contact details, but also your own. Make sure that the date and quotation number are entered correctly.

– Payment payment terms (deposit, balance on completion of work, etc.) must be specified in the estimate.

– Finally, make sure that the estimate includes all the information required by law (company name and address, registration number, etc.).

A well-prepared quotation will give you peace of mind and ensure that your pool builder on time and on budget. If you would like to set up a quote for a shell pool or find out the budget for a shell pooldon’t hesitate to contact an Aboral professional.

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