We often associate the idea of having a swimming pool at home with the notion of wide open spaces and large gardens. But today, installing a swimming pool is accessible to everyone and to all budgets because there are so many minimalist solutions: thein-ground (or in-ground) shell pools (or in-ground) or semi-underground, mini-pools in kit form or even above-ground pools. The advantage of these mini-pools is that they blend in perfectly with urban spaces or those where space is at a premium. relaxation relaxation and refreshment than the largest.



The in-ground mini-pool: an economical and ecological choice

One of the major advantages of small pools is that if they are no larger than 10m2, you don’t need to declare the work beforehand. prior declaration of workThis means you don’t need to go through any administrative formalities.

Its minimalist, ergonomic size allows in-ground mini-pools to fit into any space, while creating an intimate, convivial atmosphere. Their sizes will also bring you easy maintenance which requires less time and fewer treatment and maintenance products.

These basins are as ecological as well as economical require less water volume than other pools, and therefore consume less energy.

At Aboral, we offer mini pools with a surface area starting at 9.72m2, such as the
Fidji model
. This small pond offers many advantages and will blend into your outdoor space as much as your indoor space.


The mini-pool: a relaxing and invigorating space

Don’t think these pools are just for cooling! For the more hedonistic among you, who aspire to relaxation and pleasure, your mini pool is equipped with
massage jets
for a moment of pure relaxation worthy of a Spa. And for those who want to tone up and keep fit on a regular basis, what could be better than a workout? against the current that stimulates and tones all your muscles.


The customizable mini pool

Beyond their functionality, small pools can be adapted to your needs and your project. They are customizable in shape and sizein terms of shape and size, color and equipment (bottom drain, integrated automatic cleaning option, counter-current swimming option, etc.). . The pure white cladding gives the impression of pure, crystal-clear water, the quartz color adds depth, while the ivory color immerses you in the atmosphere of an attol. There are other types of cladding that you can discover


Small basins offer many of the advantages of the larger models, at at reduced prices. Each Aboral pool is delivered with a complete kit (maintenance kit, skimmer, broom, etc.) and is easy to install.
quick installation of your mini-pool
in no more than 4 days.


When you buy a mini polyester shell swimming pool, Aboral’s teams are on hand to help you choose the pool best suited to your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice or to request a
quote online

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