If routine maintenance of your pool is a necessity, so is winter protection! How do you protect your pool in winter? What equipment is essential, and how can you ensure your pool spends the winter in the best possible condition? Follow the guide!

Covering your shell pool for the winter is far from a luxury: it’s ESSENTIAL. If your pool is already equipped with a roller shutter, simply close it in early autumn, and you’re all set. If this isn’t the case, you’ll need to add a cover to your outdoor pool: this will help extend the life of your pool. That’s why winter covers have been designed: there are several types available, so you can preserve your equipment during the period when it’s too cold to swim.

The winter cover will protect your pool until the sun comes out.The pool can be covered all winter long: when your pool is no longer in use, and you stop filtering and treating it, you can cover it to protect it from bad weather, impurities (branches, dead leaves, etc.) that could fall into the water, pollution and so on. The winter cover protects your pool from winter’s onslaught, and makes it perfectly safe.

How do you install your pool cover in winter?

Don’t skip a step! Remember to thoroughly clean your pool and its accessories before installing your pool cover. This will give you peace of mind for several weeks, until your pool is up and running again. Check that your cover is correctly installed, so that it provides optimum protection for your pool.

Easy to install, opaque and resistant, the winter cover also allows rainwater to drain away. So you have nothing to worry about!

You haven’t chosen your winter cover yet? Not sure which model you need? Rely on the expertise of our teams, who will be delighted to answer all your questions.

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