A leader in the polyester shell pool market, Aboral Piscine has been designing, manufacturing and installing pools throughout France for over 10 years. Building on its experience, the company launches its referral program to reward customers who recommend its services. What exactly does it involve? Focus!

What is sponsorship at Aboral piscine?

Like all customer referral programs, Chez Aboral Piscine’s program rewards customers for recommending its products and services to friends and acquaintances, who in turn become customers.

So, if a customer’s recommendation leads to an order for a polyester shell pool, they become a sponsor and receive a gift voucher worth 200 euros in exchange. The sponsoree also receives a 100-euro gift voucher.

Sponsorship conditions

At Aboral Piscine, sponsorship is quite simple. A maximum of three referrals per customer will be accepted, and only one referral per sponsored customer. The gift vouchers for the sponsor and the sponsored child are only issued once the sponsored child has signed the acceptance report for his or her project. What’s more, you only have to spend them once.

Aboral Piscine gift vouchers are valid only in participating stores, subject to stock availability. The company reserves the right to modify the operation and value of the sponsorship.

How can I become a sponsor?

To participate in the sponsorship program, simply :

  • Find a referral ;
  • Discover the sponsor and godchild gifts, offered by Aboral Piscine ;
  • Enter your information and that of the person you are sponsoring (surname, first names, address, additional address, zip code, town, e-mail address, telephone number);
  • Submit.
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