Aquabike is an all-round sport that is winning over more and more water sports enthusiasts. Combining various cycling exercises with the benefits of water on the skin, aquabike helps you improve your cardio fitness, while effectively combating cellulite.
Aquabike’s complete action on the body and muscles makes it an excellent sport for the health. Discover all the benefits of aquabike in this article.

Intense activity

One of the main benefits of aquabikes is the intensity they offer. In fact, an aquabike training class engages your cardio, but also your deep muscles. You work both your breath and strengthen your muscles. Some clubs even have bikes equipped with elastic bands so you can work your arms too. Whether seated or standing, simulating hills, slopes or sprints, the aquabike offers a wide range of exercises, providing a complete workout for your buttocks, calves, thighs, abs and back. What’s more, performing these movements in the water increases your efforts tenfold, as you need to redouble your energy to resist the pressure of the water.

An ally against cellulite and orange-peel skin

It’s a well-known fact that water movements create a draining massage that considerably improves blood circulation, and therefore the appearance of your skin. With regular aquabike training, you’ll enjoy smoother, firmer skin. You can say
goodbye to orange peel skin and cellulite. If you suffer from heavy legs, aquabike is also for you.
Finally, one of the benefits of aquabike that many people don’t know about: your body burns more calories during an aquabike session than when you’re cycling outdoors. The reason?
Your body continually maintains the right temperature. In the water
his efforts are multiplied, requiring more energy.

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