The pool temperature influence not only bathing comfort, but also water quality and water quality and balance.

It is therefore essential to control it in order to obtain an ideal pool water temperature for bathing, but also for the safety of swimmers. Failure to do so can entail risks for both the pool shell and the human body.


The risks of a poorly tempered pool

Visit The ideal temperature for a swimming pool is between 26 and 29°C, i.e. 10°C below body temperature. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.


If pool temperature is too high

In addition to a decline in pool qualityswimming in water at 30°C or higher will raise your body temperature and cause you to overheat:

– Physical discomfort;

– Dehydration;

– Exhaustion;

– Dizziness;

– Hyperthermia with nausea;

– Respiratory, muscular and cardiac difficulties.

What’s more, too high a temperature will cause your water to evaporate more quickly, increase the pH and lead to the appearance of algae and micro-organisms.the appearance of algae and micro-organisms. This is due to the reduced effectiveness of treatment chemicals such as chlorine. Filtration will also take longer.


If pool temperature is too low

During the summer season, outside temperatures can be high. Enjoying a pool with cold water is an advantage for countering the effects of the sun, as your body quickly cools on contact with the water in the pool.

On the other hand, this temperature must not be too lowotherwise, you risk :

– Thermal shock;

– Hypothermia;

– Loss of consciousness or mobility;

– A heart attack.


What devices are needed to heat your pool?

Maintainwater at the right temperature begins with the use of a good pool thermometer. But, in addition to controlling your water, it’s important to heat it to get the most out of your swim. You have a choice of equipment.


Different types of heaters for ideal water quality

Among the various types of heating, there are three main ones:

The heat pump uses the heat in the air to heat the pool water.

The heat exchanger uses the home’s heating system to raise the temperature of the pools .

Solar heating usessolar collectors to heat water.

On the other hand, all three solutions require significant investment.


Other equipment to preserve pool water

If you can’t afford to buy a heater for your polyester shell poolIf you can’t afford to buy a heater for your polyester shell pool, there is still a solution to protect you from the risk of temperature variations.

Especially since heat loss is highest at night. You can therefore take along a cover system (cover, bubble cover, shutter, …) for your polyester shell pool. With this solution, the water temperature will be maintained overnight.

What’s more, one of the many advantages of this system is that it can be used in the middle of the day to heat your pool without consuming energy.

In addition to maintaining your pool, frequently check the temperaturein both summer and winter, as many external factors can cause it to fluctuate, as well as the pH of your pool.


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