Pool water is a particularly favorable environment for the development of bacteria and other germs… Humidity and heat are the perfect combination for the proliferation of algae, not to mention the deposits and impurities brought in by the surrounding environment. All these elements alter water quality and require regular water treatment.

There are all kinds of pool water treatments: chlorine, bromine or salt. However, what is the treatment best suited for your pool least harmful ?


Chlorine pool treatment


The chlorine treatment is the most common and easiest solution for pool owners, and by far the least expensive. Chlorine solution is available in 2 forms:

  • the chlorine pebbles to be placed in the skimmer and slowly dissolved by filtration,
  • the chlorine powder to be poured directly into the pool water, but we recommend using this solution only for water that has turned green or for a
    treatment at the start of the season

Chlorine treatment is highly effective because it is an antibacterial solution which eliminates germs and algae. For long-lasting action, we recommend that you choose a stabilized chlorine which will degrade less rapidly under UV rays. If there’s one major drawback to chlorine treatmentis that it remains a chemical product and is irritating to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes.


Pool water treatment with bromine


The bromine treatment is easy to use and just as effective as chlorine treatment. It has the same antibacterial properties for purify water and requires correction only every 15 days. Recommended for indoor pools or spas because it remains fully effective even at high water temperatures. However, its performance is closely linked to
PH of the water
of your pool, which should be above 7 and therefore require weekly monitoring.

Like chlorine, bromine is available in pebbles for pouring into the skimmer or in tablets to be placed in a bromine diffuser. Bromine treatment is more expensive than chlorine treatment, and the two are not compatible. This means that if you wish to switch from a chlorine solution to a bromine solution, you must first ensure that there is no longer any chlorine in the solution. no trace of chlorine in your water.


Salt water treatment for swimming pools


Salt treatment is the most natural and least polluting solution while disinfecting the water of your pool. Water remains soft, healthy and provides a certain bathing comfort. Pool maintenance is less of a hassle and no longer requires your presence because salt electrolysis is based on a transformation process: the chloride molecule in the salt is transformed into chlorine by the addition of electrical energy. It is this salt that forms the basis of the disinfection. Salt is topped up about twice a year, and the price of salt is very low. On the other hand, the cost of purchasing the electrolysis unit must be taken into account.


When purchasing a polyester shell pool, Aboral’s teams are available to help you choose the right pool water treatment for your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice.

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