Landscaping around my pool


Whether in large or small spaces The swimming pool is always a place of delectation, where you can bask endlessly. That’s why it’s so important to create a space to suit your needs and desires, so that you can enjoy it to the full.


To achieve this, the layout of your pool needs to be well thought out, and we advise you to get all your ideas down on paper before you start. You’ll be setting the general mood of your environment, creating a certain harmony between your home, garden and pool. If you’re creative and enjoy gardening, you can embark on such a project on your own. If not, you can call on a landscape gardener to help you with your project.


First of all, before discussing the aesthetic aspect and the style you wish to give to your around your poolThere is one criterion to take into account: climate. Whether you have an oceanic, semi-continental or Mediterranean climate, you won’t have the same amount of sunshine and rainfall all year round, which will influence your choice of plants and vegetation.


Next, the desire for a pleasant space will guide your choices towards materials. For a natural look, select wood or stone coverings and furniture. Above all, don’t forget to choose weather-resistant materials that will last over time.


The design of the pool surround and the choice of plants can play with perspective and proportion, but can also serve as a trompe l’oeil. trompe l’œil to hide a party wall, fences or to isolate yourself from the other side.


Exotic plants for a Mediterranean atmosphere around your pool


What better way to create a Provencal atmosphere than with a beautiful palm tree. You don’t have to live in the south to plant a palm tree. Phoenix palm or canary date palm withstands city pollution and seaside fog. The advantage is that it doesn’t shed its leaves, so they won’t fall into your pond. This saves a considerable amount of time when it comes to maintaining your water.


The yucas and sycas are also recommended Mediterranean plants for poolside landscaping. The roots are not aggressive and seek the easiest path. This means they won’t distort your pipes or decking. To accentuate the Provençal flavour, there’s nothing better than adding a little lavender to bring a touch of color and the scents of the South.


Climbing plants and shrubs to add greenery to my poolside


The climbing plants and shrubs have many advantages, such as :

  • Creating shadow zones
  • Isolate yourself from the neighborhood
  • Separating spaces
  • Hide your equipment room
  • Creating an ecosystem


Whatever your motivations, it is important to plant your plants at a minimum distance of 1.50m from your pool to avoid leaves in the pool or bees too close to you.


The Spanish jasmine is the ideal plant for your poolside, offering climbing support in a sunny spot sheltered from the wind. During the flowering season (June to September), its white flowers release sweet scents. In the same vein, the Mexican orange brings brightness to your garden with its small white flowers, brightening up your beds and perfuming your nostrils.


For attractive, well-thought-out pool surrounds, there are many aesthetic and plant-based inspirations. You can enhance your pool surrounds with play with light with baubles or garlands, create shady areas with curtains, a bohemian chic atmosphere with hammocks, cushions and poufs


When purchasing a polyester shell pool, Aboral’s teams are available to help you choose the right pool water treatment for your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice.

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