Building a swimming pool is not a trivial project. It demands your full attention, and requires time for reflection and lengthy administrative procedures.

Steps to building a swimming pool

Before you can enjoy the benefits of your in-ground pool, you need to determine your budget and assess the feasibility of the work in terms of the space available in your garden. Building a shell swimming pool can take a long time, so you’ll need to take into account a number of administrative formalities to ensure that your pool is in place on the desired date.

Administrative steps for building a swimming pool

  • Declaration of work

The latter will depend on the size of your pool. For small pools (10m2 maximum), this will not be compulsory, while seasonal pools such as above-ground pools will not be subject to these obligations either. For swimming pools between 10 and 100m2, a declaration of works is compulsory, using the CERFA 13 703*06 form.

  • Building permits

You can apply for a building permit instead of a declaration of works, using the CERFA 13 406*06 form.

All these steps take time, but are essential tothe construction of your pool. Sowhen exactlyshould you start building your pool?

The ideal season to build your pool

To be able to enjoy the pool when summer arrives, it’s imperative to plan ahead, of course, but by choosing Aboral Piscine you’ll only need 3 to 4 months (including administrative formalities) to have your feet in the water!

When to build your pool

That’s why it’s best to launch your pool project in autumn or winter, so you can meet pool builders who are more available, and in some cases benefit fromattractive discounts. During this period, prices are also easier to negotiate.

Depending on the region you live in, having your pool built in winter can have its drawbacks. Frost or excessive rain can slow down the construction of your pool. The hardness of frozen ground makes digging difficult, so construction can take longer.

In conclusion, the ideal time to build a swimming pool is undoubtedly autumn. It offers superior soil quality and enables professionals to start work in the best possible conditions.

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