You wish to build a secure swimming pool that combines aesthetics and ease of use? Our swimming pools with submerged shutter are made for you! In addition to keeping your pool water in perfect condition, the underwater covers can be perfectly adapted to your pool – even if it’s already built.

Considered the Rolls-Royce of automatic covers, this device has the advantage of being fully automated. Rolling and unrolling your shutter becomes faster, smoother and effortless!

Discover the advantages advantages of a pool with submerged cover. And as a bonus, Aboral gives you its maintenance tips for a clean pool all year round!


3 advantages that make all the difference!


  • An economic gain

Although the immersed shutter box is a real investment, in the long term you can save a lot of money!

Firstly, you won’t have to consume energy to
heat your pool
. Covering your pool at dusk will ensure that the water in your pool prevent heat loss and therefore stay at the right temperature.

But that’s not all! Thanks to this scheme, the purchase of cleaning products will be more limited. By protecting your pool from outside pollution (pollen, insects, leaves…), the underwater shutter drastically reduces the use of chemicals. Good news for your wallet, but also (and above all) for the planet!


  • Enhanced safety

Since 2004, all owners of in-ground pool are required to
secure their pool
by installing a security system. In fact, no matter how good the supervision, an accident can happen at any time. With the introduction of such a safety deviceWith our safety system, which offers optimum protection, you can let your children play in complete peace of mind.

Choosing a swimming pool with submerged coverProtect your loved ones from the risk of falling or drowning. In compliance with standard NF P 90-308this type of device is capable of withstanding a weight of 100 kg.


  • A decorative element

What makes immersed shutter box of a classic tarpaulin is its aesthetic appeal and discretion. As a lover of contemporary style, you’ll appreciate the long, sleek lines that add charm to your pool and outdoor space.

In addition to its unmistakable style, this device is particularly appreciated for its discretion. In fact, if the installation is carried out at the same time as the pool constructionIf you prefer, you can install a box hidden in the floor so that the shutter is invisible to the naked eye when rolled up. This way, you’ll have more room to fit out the outside of your pool with deckchairs or other accessories.


Please note, however, that there are a number of parameters to be taken into account for the successful integration of this device. Since this is a customized systemsystem, you must ensure that the dimensions or the shape of your pool allow the installation of a immersed shutter box.


A few tips for maintaining your immersed shutter box


To ensure the longevity of your new safety system, your Aboral pool specialist recommends that you maintain the cover at least 2 times a year, using a high-pressure cleaner (80 bar maximum): during winterizing and at start-up of your shell pool. To make cleaning easier, you can also water your shutter every week to prevent impurities from sticking.

Are your blades stained? Use a special cleaning product, or simply bleach, and leave for a few moments before rinsing with a strong jet of water.


So, are you convinced? Would you like to start construction of a swimming pool with submerged cover ? If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives. our team of experts. They’ll be happy to advise you!

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