More than an invitation to idleness and relaxation, having a shell pool at home creates real moments of sharing. But to fully appreciate these moments, it is important to remember to respect certain rules of conduct. safety ! As you know, since the January 2003 law on pool safety, all owners of unenclosed in-ground pools are required to equip their pools with a standardized safety device (alarm, shelter, barrier or tarpaulin). And when it comes to covers, it’s safe to say that 4-season bar covers are on a roll!


Easy to use, good value for money… Discover all the benefits of installing a
4-season bar cover
on your pool!


4-season bar blanket: why choose it?

  • Foolproof safety

Compliant with standard NF P90-308, bar covers are among the safest devices available. In addition to preserving the quality of your pond water by limiting the deposit of external pollutants (pollen, leaves, etc.), this safety system can withstand any accidental fall by a child under 5 years of age.

This advantage, and no small one, positions the bar cover as one of the most effective safety devices available on the market. However, adults must continue to be extra vigilant when a child is in the vicinity of the pool. Even when covered, there’s no such thing as zero risk!


  • Use all year round

As the name suggests, 4-season bar covers can be used all year round. In summer, the latter’s function will be to reduce heat loss after dark. By early autumn, however, this device will be fully capable of acting as a winter cover. It will protect your pool from any external pollutants.

Installed on your pond all year round, you won’t have to worry about storing your liner. What more could you ask for?

  • Excellent value for money

As you’ve probably gathered by now. Although the purchase of a 4-season bar cover represents an initial investment, it is the most complete safety device on the market today. In fact, compared to installing a fence or pool enclosure, the 4-season bar cover is the simplest and quickest solution to install.

What’s more, it saves you the extra expense of buying a bubble cover, a roll-up or a winter cover.


So, convinced? If you’d like to equip your shell pool with a 4-season bar cover, AboralShop has many models to choose from, depending on the size of your pool. What’s more, depending on your specific requirements, we can also manufacture your cover to order. So don’t hesitate to contact
our team of experts
if you have any questions or need advice!


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