We’ve done it! Your decision to have a swimming pool installed is finally made, and your project is about to take shape. You’ve got a plot of land with plenty of room, but you’re still wondering about the exact location of your pool. Where is the best place to build it?
How do you choose the orientation of your pool?
Here’s some advice from the experts at Aboral Piscines, to help you find the best spot for your garden.

Of course, your pool needs to be well exposed to the sun. But sunlight isn’t the only criterion to take into account, as you’ll also need to consider proximity to neighbors, privacy, prevailing winds, the way you move around your home, integration into the garden and the presence of certain trees or plants.

Ideally, you should position your pool in the sunniest area of your property: this way, the water will be naturally heated, and the surroundings will be even more pleasant for lounging and sunbathing. In this case, check that there are no shadows cast by the sun that could alter the sun’s rays. The same applies to prevailing winds, which can cool the water and make swimming less enjoyable.

What’s more, plants, trees and flowerbeds near your pool can be a source of annoyance, with leaves and debris frequently falling into the water.

Finally, noise pollution must be taken into consideration: your neighbors’ peace and quiet must be respected. In this respect, depending on the municipality in which your home is located, you’ll need to respect a minimum distance from your property limits, or install acoustic panels if you can’t do otherwise.

In all cases, your swimming pool specialist will be the best adviser and will know how to find the ideal orientation and location for your pool: at Aboral Piscines, we know how to adapt to each project and its specific features.

When choosing the location and orientation of your future pool, rely on the expertise of the Aboral Piscines teams, who will answer all your questions and carry out a personalized study for you.

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