From the installation of your pool to the installation of the coping stones, and even the launching of the pool shell, Aboral Piscine is with you every step of the way. But that’s not all! In addition to ensuring the smooth running of the works, your specialist pool manufacturer is also involved upstream of your project, right from the design stage.
Flat-bottomed pools
, sloped-bottom pool whatever type of pool you’re planning, it’s now possible to customize of your future pool.

So what are you waiting for? building the pool of your dreams?


How does it work to personalize your shell pool?


On the Aboral website, a simple and intuitive configurator is available to help you create the pool the pool that suits you best. Location of your pool, shape, size and even the materials used… After just 2 minutes and a few clicks, you’ll receive in less than 48 hours a customized quote for your custom shell pool!

Before you get started, take a look at all the elements you can customize:

– The shape of your pool: rectangular or rounded, each shape has its advantages. If the rectangular pool is more conventional, but it allows you to make the most of the available space. Ideal for those who want to take advantage of their pool to swim a few laps! On the contrary, the rounded pool – is recommended for relaxation.

– The bottom of your pool: like the shape, the bottom of your pool can also be customized. If you choose a flat-bottomed poolThe depth will be the same over the entire surface of your pool. On the other hand, if, like at the beach, you like the depth to increase with each step into the pool, select the sloped-bottom pool.

– The dimensions of your pool: there’s no such thing as the ideal size. characteristics of your garden and the use what you intend to do with your pool. From mini-pool to a 10-meter-long pool, it’s up to you to choose the ideal configuration for the pool of your dreams!

– A box for a submerged cover: in addition to keeping your pool water in good condition and increasing the comfort of your bathing, the submerged pool cover box is capable of preserving the aesthetics of your surroundings.

– The color of your pool: Aboral Piscine offers a wide range of pool pool linings in different colors. Whether pure white, azure blue, papyrus, quartz or ivory, think carefully beforehand about the ambience you want to give your future pond!

– Options for your pool: you want to install a heating system ? An automatic cover ? Make sure you mention it when setting up your pool!


Now that you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to get started! configuring your shell pool. Don’t forget to fill in your contact details, your online quotation will be waiting patiently in your mailbox.


Simulate my future custom-built pool!


Configuring my shell pool: what next?


Once you have accepted the quote and completed the various administrative procedures with your local council, Aboral’s professional technicians will come to your home to start the installation work. Generally speaking, installing your shell pool requires 4 days of work, as follows:

  • First, the professionals carry out check the nature of the soil to ensure its stability. Only then will you be able to define together the ideal locationl for your shell pool.
  • As a result earthworks can begin. The shell pool is then delivered, installed and adjusted.
  • Before impoundment, the technicians backfill, connect and add the various and add the various options such as copings, lights, etc…
  • Your pool is ready! Now all you have to do is enjoy your first swim!


To jump into the deep end and begin building your shell pool, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts. They’ll be delighted to put their expertise to work for you!

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