Unmistakable from any other type of pool, the swim lane is instantly recognizable. Intended above all for the more athletic among us, the swim lane is becoming increasingly popular, and we’re going to see that there are many reasons for this!

Characteristics of a swim lane

As the name aptly suggests, the swim lane is a long, narrow pool. In terms of dimensions, it’s common to find pools 15 to 20 m long, and sometimes even 30 m. In order to maintain this aspect of length, a swim lane rarely exceeds 3 m in width. As a swimming pool par excellence, a lane has a flat bottom and a shallow depth of between 1.20 m and 1.50 m.

The advantages of the swim lane

The swim lane is especially designed for athletes, who will be able to swim a series of laps without having to turn around after just a few fathoms. The reasonable depth of the pool will also enable you to enjoy other sporting activities, such as aquagym or aquatic hiking.
But that’s not the only argument put forward by the swim lane, which also holds its own in terms of design. The slender shape of the basin makes it an excellent candidate for full-length lots, and it’s clearly a must for homes with modern lines!

The disadvantages of the swim lane

A sports pool par excellence, the swim lane is less suited to the needs of a family. First of all, the flat bottom doesn’t allow us to adapt to everyone’s size, especially the smallest of feet.

Essential lane accessories

When it comes to equipping your swim lane, there’s a choice of equipment to give your pool an even sportier look. Here’s our selection:

Swimming against the current

Would you like to turn your swim lane into a real training and swimming spot? Equip your pool with counter-current swimming equipment. Its operating principle is simple: a current of water is created, allowing you to swim either continuously in place or upstream.
Bonus: the nozzle can also be used as a massage system!

The diving board

The diving board is theessential accessory for a swim lane, the one that will give you the impetus to get your series of lengths off to a good start. And not least, it will make your hallway look like an Olympic-size swimming pool for good.

The pool robot

The volume of water mobilized by a swim lane is often the greatest fear expressed when developing a pool project. In fact, as the swim lane is shallow, the volume of water is not much greater than in a conventional pool. The level of maintenance is therefore more or less the same, and your pool cleaner won’t complain!

diving board swim lane pool robot swim against the current swim lane

Legislation for swimming lanes

As far as legislation is concerned, a swim lane is subject to the same obligations as any other pool, namely those relating to safety.
A number of solutions are available, such as installing an alarm to detect a fall into the pool, orinstalling a cover with bars or shutters.

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