When the water level in a pool drops, it may be due to natural evaporation. But it can also be a leak. How to detect and repair a pool leak? Aboral enlightens you!

How do you find out if your pool is leaking?

To determine whether a leak has occurred, the seal method can be used. Place a bucket filled with water near the pool and mark the level with a pencil. If, after a few hours, the evaporation rate is higher in the pool than in the bucket, you can deduce that there’s a leak in your pool.

Locate the leak

How do you find a leak in your shell or concrete pool? It can be located in the filtration system, the pipes or in the pond itself. If you can’t detect it with the naked eye, it’s best to call in a professional. He has all the equipment needed to find the source of a leak in your pool (electronic detectors for liner or shell, special detectors for pipes, level sensors, video cameras).

How do I repair a pool leak?

A leak must be repaired quickly to avoid wasting water.
Repairing a leak in my shell pool
You can repair a leak in your pool yourself using a leak plugger or a repair kit, but a pool specialist is better suited to solving the problem.

Repairing a leaking concrete pool

As with a shell pool, a professional will know best how to find and repair a leak in a concrete pool. However, if the leak isn’t serious, the homeowner can repair it with melted cement mortar.
An Aboral swimming pool also comes with a ten-year warranty!
We are one of the few brands to insure your pool for 10 years (capitalization insurance contract). This warranty covers gel coat, structure, waterproofing and installation. Read our article on how to repair a water leak in your coque pool here!

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