Your pool’s electrical cabinet is a vital piece of equipment that records several functions. It protects the pump with a magneto-thermal circuit breaker, which cuts off the pump in the event of an overcurrent, but also controls filtration times and equipment such as pool lighting.

Pump system protection

To protect the pump effectively, your pool’s electrical box creates a short-circuit. The thermal magneto circuit breaker used to protect your pool equipment is not systematically included. That’s why it’s important to choose a circuit breaker suited to the power of your pool’s filtration pump.

Your pool’s electrical box can be installed inside a technical room, for example, or outside. Whatever the case, it’s important that it’s installed at least 3 m 5 from the edge of the pool. In fact, regulations stipulate the correct safety distance between the pool electrical box and the edge of the pool, so that the power supply to your pool is optimal and safe in all circumstances.

Filtration programming

Your pool’s electrical box is also used to program filtration times. Equipped with an integrated timer, your pool’s electrical box automatically switches on the filtration pump according to preset settings.

In conclusion, your pool’s electrical box acts as a control, programming and protection unit for your pool’s overall system. Thanks to its various functions, you can control filtration schedules, start-up of the suppression robot, or even the operation of the heat pump. From your pool’s electrical box, you can also control accessory equipment such as pool lights.

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