Temperatures are slowly starting to drop, accompanied by rain and wind that are inviting themselves uninvited… There’s no doubt about it: autumn is well and truly upon us, and winter is on the horizon!

For all owners of in-ground pools, the time has come to in-ground poolsto winterize
winterize the pool
and filtration system.

But do you really know the right time to winterize? As well as different techniques wintering techniques?

To find out more winterizing your pond this year, read on. We’ll give you the best tips for winterize your pool and make it as easy as possible the start-up of your
in spring.


Winterizing your in-ground pool: why is it important?


In autumn, but more precisely in winter, low temperatures can damage your pool. Frost can cause a great deal of damage, particularly to the filtration circuit. The aim of wintering is therefore to protect and preserve your pool and its equipment, so that it’s ready to go again as soon as the warm weather returns.

But when is the right time to winterize? Performed too early, you run the risk of developing all types of algae or micro-organisms in your pool. As a result, you end up with
green pool water
in spring.

The ideal time to start winterizing your in-ground pool is when the pool temperature falls below 15°C. As soon as it stabilizes at this temperature, you can start winterizing your pool. But you still need to know whether you’re opting for active or passive winterization!

In any case, never empty your pool completely. Without water, your pool will be subjected to external pressure from the ground, which could create a “water leak”. deformation or cracks. The complete emptying of your pool can only be carried out on one side. short period and only for renovation renovation work.


In-ground pool winterization methods


  • Active wintering

The aim of this wintering method is to slow down filtration of your pool to just a few hours a day (usually 2-3 hours). Slightly more expensive than passive wintering, it’s also the simplest technique, provided you don’t override a regular maintenance of your pool.


An overview of the steps to follow for successful active wintering:

  1. Once the water temperature has stabilized below 15°C, clean your pool. clean your pool (bottom, sides), but also all your pool’s equipment (filter, skimmer, etc.).
  2. Once you’ve finished cleaning, it’s time to to balance your pool water. pH should be between 7.2 and 7.4 PPM, TAC between 150 and 200 PPM and TH between 150 and 250 PPM.
  3. Stop the operation of other equipment, such as the automatic processing or pH control and reduce the duration of your filtration.
  4. Although you will no longer need to treat your pool, monitor the pH, TAC and TH levels on a regular basis, and readjust if necessary.


  • Passive wintering

As part of a passive winteringyour pool is at a complete standstill. No more maintenance or cleaning. Only one draining the pipes to prevent water from freezing. Since it requires no intervention, we recommend this method in regions with cold winters and persistent frosts lasting several days.


Would you like to passively winterize? Find out what you need to do before getting started:

  1. Once the water temperature has stabilized below 15°C, thoroughly clean your pond and all equipment.
  2. Realize balance your water taking into account the same parameters mentioned above.
  3. Descale your descale your sand filter and lower the water level to 10 cm below your skimmers.
  4. Stop filtration and start draining of your various equipment and pipes to remove all the water present in the circuit. Set your sand filter valve to “winterizing” mode.
  5. Install your winterizing accessories to protect your pool from freezing (plugs, gizzmo bottles, floats, etc.).
  6. Finish the process by pouring your winterizing product then cover your pool with a cover.


Would you like more information about winterizing your in-ground pool? Don’t hesitate to ask
our team of experts
or consult
wintering guide
so you don’t forget anything.

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