Going to the pool is a real moment of relaxation. But whether it’s a public or private pool, hygiene and pool must go hand in hand. It’s essential to keep them clean to protect the health of bathers. How can I have a healthy pool? Focus!

Why do we need a clean pool?

Swimming pool water is exposed to numerous pollutants. When poorly or inadequately treated, it can lead to disease. It is therefore essential to reconcile hygiene and swimming.

Why do we shower before getting into the water?

To ensurehygiene at the pool, we recommend taking a soapy shower before swimming. Bathers introduce hair, scales, saliva, sweat, urine and other bodily secretions into the water. This can lead to contamination from bacteria such as staphylococci or legionella, and many other virulent viruses.
Failure to reconcile hygiene and swimming can also lead to illnesses such as mycosis, eczema, conjunctivitis and otitis, as well as amoebic meningitis and dysentery.

What products are needed for a healthy pool?

Pool cleanliness also depends on pool maintenance. While most water treatment is carried out by mechanical filtration, the use of maintenance products is essential to eradicate bacteria and combine hygiene and the pool.
These include chlorine, bromine, salt for electrolysis treatment, anti-algae, active oxygen, flocculant, PHMB and other cleaning and disinfecting products. The pH of the water should also be checked with testers, and adjusted if necessary.

What does water temperature have to do with pool hygiene?

To keep your pool healthy and control health risks, it’s essential to bridge the gap between hygiene and the pool by maintaining a satisfactory water temperature. Read our latest article on the ideal pool temperature here.

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