Building a swimming pool in your own backyard is a dream for many French households, but the sometimes cumbersome administrative formalities involved can discourage many. Price can also be a barrier, but that’s another subject we’ve covered in our previous article.
Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to build a swimming pool without planning permission?

What are the conditions for having a swimming pool without a permit?

It’s possible to build a swimming pool without planning permission! However, your project will have to meet certain conditions, depending on the type of pool you want to build, its size, the type of installation and its location.

Pool type

Above-ground pools are the only pools that never require planning permission, whatever their location or size. In-ground pools may not require planning permission, provided they meet specific requirements regarding the size of the pool and its location. This applies in particular to pools with a surface area of no more than 10m2. This is known as a “mini pool”.

The size of your pool

Mini-shell pools are all the rage! And for good reason: since these are 10m2 or less, they don’t require planning permission, even if the pool is underground. This type of pool is very popular today, as it offers a number of legal and financial advantages. A small pond means a small budget, but also a small plot of land. This type of pool can therefore be installed in small spaces, particularly in the gardens of town houses.

The location of your pool

The location of your pool is also an important factor, as an indoor pool doesn’t require planning permission as long as you don’t touch the outside of your house.

Requesting work on your swimming pool

You’re satisfied, you’ve opted for an above-ground pool or a mini-pool and can now build your poolwithout having to apply to your local council for planning permission. Please note that in most cases, you will still need to submit a declaration of work to the local authority. And don’t forget to apply for permission from your town’s PLU (local planning authority), as certain geographical areas are subject to specific regulations.

Your pool equipment room

A technical room is essential to the smooth running of your pool, so don’t neglect this part of your building project. If you opt for a technical room larger than 10m2, it will also be subject to regulations and will require planning permission from your local council.

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