You’re planning to take your family on vacation, but you’re worried about leaving your pool untended while you’re away? Don’t panic, thanks to our advice, you can leave with peace of mind. Here are a few simple steps to help you maintain your pool before you leave on vacation.

Steps to take to keep your pond healthy before going on vacation

Before you leave, there are a few steps you should take to maintain your pool, even if you’re not using it:

  • Check your water’s pH and calcium levels

If the pH level is too low, algae and micro-organisms can form. So, before you leave, check these values and adjust them to ensure crystal-clear water.

  • Check your pool’s water level

Make sure the water level is high enough to allow the filtration system to operate. If the level is low, refill it before you leave, otherwise it could be damaged. Learn more about the ideal water level for your pool in our dedicated article by clicking here.

  • Clean your pond

A thorough cleaning is essential to ensure that your pool is maintained even during your absence. To do this, clean the bottom of your pool, the water line and the water surface. Don’t forget maintenance equipment such as skimmers and filters.

  • Protect your pool

Finally, if you have a roller shutter or tarpaulin, remember to use it when you leave. This will prevent you from finding all kinds of insects, leaves and garbage in your pool when you return from vacation. Then leave the filter running for a short time, and remember to place your slow-dissolving chlorine blocks at the bottom of your pool. This long-lasting chlorination treatment offers you 2 to 3 weeks of peace of mind thanks to its disinfectant and anti-algae action.

Now you know all the steps involved in maintaining a swimming pool before you go on vacation. It’s up to you!


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