When it comes to building a swimming pool, you need to make the right choices. Find out the answers to your questions in our latest article.

Piscine coque

The shell pool is a swimming pool in a block. It’s perfect for people who don’t want too much work. It’s made of a highly resistant plastic shell (resin, polyester, acrylic…) that you bury in your garden.
The shell pool has many advantages. For a start, it’s very strong: polyester is almost twenty times stronger than concrete. The monobloc also reduces the risk of leaks, as it has a high-performance seal. As a result, it lasts longer than an above-ground or kit pool. What’s more, it’s growing every year. The market offers a wide choice of shapes (round, rectangular, bean-shaped…) and configurations (with or without submerged cover, mini-pool…) to perfectly match your desires and your exterior. At Aboral, for example, we create 4 to 6 new models a year!
Last but not least, its speed and ease of installation(our pools are installed in 4 days) make it a formidable competitor to concrete pools, which require more extensive work and longer installation times.

Pool with liner

A liner is a flexible plastic covering that is applied to the walls of a swimming pool. It makes an in-ground pool watertight. The liner is therefore a coating that is applied to a masonry pool. The steps involved in building a concrete pool follow a precise protocol, which you can find in our article on construction stages.
This pool structure offers maximum resistance over time, thanks to the concrete used to solidify the structure. In fact, concrete is very solid and is not affected by impacts or damage caused by the elements, such as cold or damp. The main advantage of a masonry pool is that you can create the shape and dimensions you want.
If you opt for a concrete pool, you need to be aware of certain disadvantages, such as the construction time, which in some cases can take up to two months. Given the time required for construction and the technical skills it demands, a concrete pool is the most expensive option on the market, with a budget easily reaching 20,000 euros for a small model.

Our professional advice

To find out which pool structure is best suited to your outdoor space, it’s best to ask several builders for a quote. This will allow you to compare prices and see if your land is suitable for a pool installation. Indeed, if your plot of land isn’t big enough, if a rainwater, gas or electricity network runs under it, or if it’s within the perimeter of a listed monument, the construction of your pool may be compromised.
If your land is suitable for a masonry pool, you need to take into account the time required for the work mentioned above. At Aboral Piscines, we’ve taken up the challenge of installing your ready-to-dive pool in just 4 days! You should also ask yourself how much time you want to devote to pool maintenance. The smaller your pond, the easier maintenance will be. Last but not least, the price of a shell pool is much more affordable than a concrete pool with liner.
Let our team of professionals guide you and configure your pool project today.

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