The mirror pool is an overflowing pool with overhangs on all four sides. This gives the pool the appearance of a beach, as the contours of the pool disappear beneath the waterline. Water is like a mirror, hence the name “mirror pool”.
Elegant and modern, mirror pools are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their rarity and aesthetic appeal. We tell you all you need to know about the mirror pool and its advantages.

The mirror pool: a real design asset

A real asset to your property, the mirror pool gives the impression of a beach in the heart of your garden. If you’re planning to have this type of installation carried out in your home, there are a number of things to consider before you get started.

The advantages and disadvantages of a mirror pool

Beyond its rarity and almost undeniable aesthetic appeal, the mirror pool offers many advantages, but also a few disadvantages to be aware of before venturing into such a project.

The benefits

– It ensures constant circulation of water in the pool, thus eliminating impurities.
– It enhances your land and your home with its modernity, rarity and elegance.
– Maintenance of a mirror pool is simpler than that of a traditional pool, since the water overflows into the spouts, eliminating impurities naturally.


– Mirror pools are much more expensive than traditional pools.
– The temperature of the pool is very difficult to maintain due to the constant movement of the water.
– Such an installation can only be carried out by a professional specializing in mirror pools.

How much does a mirror pool cost?

As you can see, the mirror pool is an expensive and relatively demanding piece of equipment. The overflow principle requires a water recovery system. To achieve this, additional basins must be dug with great precision to ensure the pool’s smooth operation. Also, the mirror pool’s filtration system needs to be much more powerful, which also represents an additional cost.

For these reasons, the cost of a mirror pool is generally 30% higher than a traditional pool. It varies according to the size, shape and options chosen for your pool, but the price of a mirror pool can easily approach €40,000 or even €50, 000, depending on the constraints of your plot.

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