Enjoy clean, healthy water for swimming,
pool maintenance
– and more specifically, the bottom and walls – must be part of your daily routine. Whether you own a above-ground pool or an in-ground pool !

While electric pool cleaners are particularly practical for cleaning your pool, they still come at a significant cost. Fortunately, there are other ways to clean your pond without vacuuming.

Are you wondering what these solutions are? Aboral compares the various pool maintenance techniques and alternatives to the to the pool vacuum cleaner.


Why should you clean the bottom of your pool regularly?

A swimming pool is like a house: it lives and ages! In fact, over time, natural deposits (leaves, insects, pollen, etc.) can fall to the surface of the water, impacting the water quality.

To keep your pool looking its best for as long as possible, regular and effective pool cleaning is essential. This will reduce algae growth and damage to equipment such as pool pumps.

But to maintain a pond properly, it’s not enough to pour chlorine or any other treatment product several times a week…. Keeping your pool clean also means keeping it clean.etting the bottom, sides and water line. You should also regularly empty your skimmer baskets and pump pre-filter.


How to clean the bottom of a pool without a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners, brushes, chemicals or even brooms… alternatives to a pool vacuum there’s no shortage of them! Discover without further ado the different possibilities available on the market for keeping a healthy pool water and clean.


The bottom brush

Has the bottom of your pool become covered with impurities, deposits or algae?

To replace a pool vacuum cleanernothing beats manual brushing with a brush! Connected to a telescopic handle, your bottom brush allows you to clean the bottom and sides of your pond without damaging the lining. Visit sponge brush can even be used with a degreasing product to clean the water line, nozzles and skimmers.

Once removed from the wall, impurities are more easily eliminated, either by the filtration system or by disinfectants.


The pool broom

Another alternative for cleaning your pool without a vacuum cleaner or pool cleaner: the manual broom. Directly rith a floating hose connected to the filtration system, this device collects all impurities trapped at the bottom of the pool and on the walls.

Depending on your type of pool and your needs, you can choose between different models of pool broom. As a guide, please note that :

– The use of a wheel broom is preferable for paint coatings;

– The more more conventional brushes can be adapted to shell or liner coatings.

Square, rectangular or oval: depending on the shape of your pond, Aboral recommends that you choose the most suitable shape to optimally recover the pond.


Treatment products (flocculants)

Although pool maintenance is carried out on a daily basis, stubborn stains may appear on the walls and bottom of the basin. This often occurs after refilling, when certain concentrations of calcium, iron or copper appear in the water.

To avoid this inconvenience, use a chemical product such as a flocculant. Used to agglomerate the various particles, it will then be easier to remove them and clean the bottom of the pool to restore clear, limpid water.


The bottom net

As the name suggests, bottom net vhelps you to remove impurities trapped at the bottom and in the nooks and crannies of your pond. Thanks to its telescopic handle, this type of landing net makes it easy to collect leaves, insects and other impurities that have settled to the bottom of the pool.

As such, it appears to be the ideal device to complement the action of the filtration and treatment products… and, above all, increase their effectiveness!


Preventive pool cleaning!

Your Aboral pool specialist has just presented you with the best devices for effectively cleaning the bottom of your pool, without the need for a vacuum cleaner. Although these tools are highly efficient, they are still manual and, unlike the cleaning cycle of robotic pool cleaners, require a bit of effort and time.

Fortunately, to avoid spending hours scrubbing your pond, there is a solution: prevention! Thanks to these few reflexes, you will greatly facilitate the cleaning your pooland save time!

Follow the guide!


First step: filtration

To ensure effective cleaning of the bottom and sides of your pond, you must perform the following daily tasks
water filtration
. And with good reason: unfiltered pool water ends up stagnating and accumulating impurities (insects, leaves, pollen, etc.). The result? Your pond water is polluted with bacteria of all kinds, making it unsuitable for swimming.

By installing a filtration systemthe pump will be able to draw water from the pool through the skimmers. The water is then cleaned through the filter and returned to the pool via the discharge nozzles.

As you can see, filtration is the lifeblood of the pool. Install a filtration system purifies the pool water and removes impurities from the bottom and sides of the pool.

Second stage: water treatment

Like filtration, water
water treatment
should not be neglected if you don’t want to spend hours scrubbing the bottom and sides of your pond.

To carry out this water maintenancethere are several treatments available:

  1. The chlorine Chlorine: considered the most widely used treatment by pool owners, chlorine is now renowned for its effectiveness and excellent value for money. It has numerous disinfectant and oxidizing properties. It is available in liquid form as well as in lozenges and granules.
  2. Salt electrolysis : Unlike chlorine treatment, this process is fully automated. Economical and ecological, it converts salt into chlorine using a set of electrodes. As a result, the water is purified and non-irritating to skin and eyes.
  3. The bromine (active oxygen) : Available in several forms (tablet or liquid) and odorless, chromium treatment is, however, more sensitive to temperature differences. It therefore requires more delicate handling.

Third step: the pool cover

To avoid having to clean your pool, the must-have is to opt for a pool cover. Once unrolled, it prevents impurities from accumulating inside the pool.

And what’s more pool covers have the double advantage of limiting heat loss. Your pond water will stay at the right temperature for longer! Perfect for extending the swimming season!

As you’ll have noticed, with a few simple maintenance gestures and effective manual cleaning devices, you won’t need a robot vacuum cleaner. For more information on pool maintenance, please contact your Aboral piscinist. Our teams will be happy to answer your questions.



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