The pool is a place to relax, unwind and have fun… Let’s face it, in the heat of the day, your motivation to work out can quickly fade. The pool is the perfect place to cool off. What if it also became your training ground?
We’ll be happy to give you some ideas forindividual or group sports activities in your own pool, so you can keep fit in the sun and cool off at the same time!

The benefits of water sports

Whether you’ve got a big pool or a small one, the benefits of water sports are well proven. Doing sport in the water is easy and suitable for everyone: even people with joint pain, the elderly or pregnant women can take part in sporting activities in the pool and enjoy all the benefits of physical activity.
In addition to swimming, which is ideal forslimming and toning, all water sports are beneficial. Our body weighs less in water, which makes movement much easier. However, the resistance created by the water makes us redouble our efforts, making our muscles work harder, but without feeling any difference! In water, there are very few contraindications and less risk of injury, making these sports less stressful on the joints. And the results are in!

What sports can you play in your pool?

Fromaquagym and aquabike to aquapalming, aquajogging, water polo and aquavolley, the list of water sports is long! There’s something to suit all tastes and pool sizes. For example, in a smaller pool, you can practice counter-current swimming, available as an option on all our pool models, including mini pools. Discover our selection and choose yours!

Aquagym and aquazumba

Aquagym isn’t just for vacation clubs! It’s easy to do at home. On the Internet, you’ll find plenty of exercises you can do in your own pool to enjoy the benefits of this activity: muscle your body, improve your circulation and your cardiovascular rhythm with aquagym!
And if you want to work out to some lively music, let yourself be tempted by aquazumba! Find videos on the Internet or create your own playlist and choreography, so you can work out to the beat!

Aquabike, aquajogging and aquapalming

Cycling in your pool? That’s what aquabike is all about! Enjoy spectacular results with less effort!
You can also tryaquajogging, which involves running in the pool, oraquapalming: swimming with flippers is an extremely effective way of working the lower joints!

Aquavolley and water polo: team sports for fun

There’s nothing better than team sports for a good time with family and friends!
With a few easy-to-find and install accessories, you can turn your pool into a fun playground!
Team sports can easily be transferred to your pool. Water polo, aquavolley, basketball and badminton are all great ways to work on endurance, thighs, abdominals and arms with the minimum of effort.
Exercising in the sun has never been so much fun, so get moving in your pool!

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