Building a swimming pool requires compliance with a certain number of regulations: declaration of works, building permit, safety around the pool, etc. Here’s everything you need to know about pool regulations.

Regulations applicable to pools without enclosure

For unsheltered pools, if they exceed 10 m2 in size, or if the pool is located near a protected area, historic site or listed monument, you need to apply to the local council for permission to build a pool. To do this, fill in the Cerfa 13703 building declaration application form. In addition, planning permission is required if the size of the pool exceeds 100 m². The application is made using the Cerfa 13406 building permit application form.

Regulations for building a swimming pool with a cover

To build a swimming pool of less than 10 m² with an enclosure, no declaration is required. However, if the pool is larger than 10 m² and has an enclosure over 1.80 m high, a declaration prior to construction and an application for planning permission are required.

Rules for installing an above-ground pool

For above-ground pools over 10 m² installed for more than 3 months of the year (and more than 15 days in protected areas), a declaration to build a pool is required. If the surface area of the pond exceeds 100m2, planning permission is required.

Swimming pool safety regulations

To prevent the risk of drowning, the owner must install protective barriers, an alarm and a safety cover. For inflatable and demountable pools, this is not mandatory.

Tax declaration

Building a swimming pool can lead to an increase in local taxes. You must file a declaration with your local property tax office within 90 days of completion of the work. The declaration is made using form 6 704 model IL. However, a two-year exemption may be granted under certain conditions.

pool construction regulations

Now that you know all about the regulations, you can start building your pool before the summer. If you need any advice, check out our latest article by

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